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Is there a more concise way of writing this CSS?

.vertical > a:link,
.vertical > a:visited,
.vertical > a:hover,
.vertical > a:active

I am just looking to select all the a pseudoclasses inside a .vertical div and set all to blue.

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This should work:

.vertical > a

It is common to have a stronger rule that overrides it though, so you may have to use the pseudo-classes to create an equally strong rule, or use !important or other selectors to see the effects.

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Thanks! That is precisely the situation. – Henry Yun Jan 18 '11 at 8:47

This is as basic as you can make it for all a tags within a .vertical class element:

.vertical a {color:blue;}


.vertical > a {color:blue;}

for a tags that are immediate children of the .vertical class.

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