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I need help integrating lua in my game. I know only a little about lua, since I just started learning scripting (in general). I've read tutorials about lua, but most of them are only tell me how to bind lua in c++ code (which I've managed to do that with LuaBind), or explaining features in lua.

Let's say I have a "Player" class and "Obstacle" class. Obstacle class have these functions :

class Obstacle {
  // ... member vars

  // functions that will behave differently based on script :
  void onTouchPlayer(Player* player);
  void onUpdate(float deltaTime);

onTouchPlayer and onUpdate is meant to behave differently based on script.

What confuses me is what to write in the script, and how to call it in c++? If I already have Player class exported to Lua with LuaBind, how can I, for example, kill player at onTouchPlayer() and move the obstacle randomly at onUpdate function with lua?

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You might try – deft_code Jan 20 '11 at 1:06

There are lots of tutorials out there dealing with that. A google search will give you some.

I personally liked this one:

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The following page of the Lua Development Guide (5.0) tells you how to call lua functions from the C environment.

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