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I need some help understanding if it's possible to perform partial loads via Dojo. My data-model contains a resource called 'A' which is a parent of multiple 'B's.

Currently, a server-side request to /A will get a collection of 'A' values, but doesn't fill the 'B's. this is done to save on db fetches and transport time.

When a request continues to /A/{id} the 'B's will be loaded as well, and the full version of the object will be returned. The idea was that I only ever want to list the 'B's of specific instances.

My client side code calls fetch on the /A/ and then, when some instance's 'B's are required, I do a loadItem on the 'A' instance.

The problem is that the JsonRestStore considers this 'A' as fully loaded, and thus loadItem doesn't do anything (isItemLoaded returns true before the first call to loadItem).

Any idea how can this be solved?

Ideally, I'd like the instances coming back from a fetch to '/A/' to return with an indication that they are partially loaded (without explicitly adding references in the returned code), then I'd like loadItem to fully load them (and cache, as a secondary bonus).

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As a work-around, I added a $ref:id to the 'A's when enumerated. Now, when loadItem is issued, it thinks more data is coming and actually performs the fetch from the server. –  user561568 Jan 18 '11 at 14:17

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