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I want to run an event periodically on the server side that is to be initiated by the server in ASP.NET scenario. There will be no request from client.

Your help will be much appreciated.

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Could you evaluate the answers here? – Kangkan Mar 8 '11 at 12:34

Assuming you have access to the server and can install external applications, you could create a stand-alone Windows Service or even a console application that is triggered by the built in Windows Task Scheduler.

For something that runs in Asp.Net you could use This SO question explains how to use it with Asp.Net

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You need to spawn a process using the Process class. The process will sleep until the recurrence time comes.

Process p = new Process();
p.StartInfo.FileName = "foo";

Another alternative is to spool a thread using the Thread class.

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I would not spawn Process from the ASP.NET pool. I heard that could cause issues. – Remy Jan 18 '11 at 10:04
@Remy Sure it can, but on the other hand it's sometimes necessary (it really depends what the OP needs to do). – Sklivvz Jan 18 '11 at 10:05
Right. But I guess it's important to note that this is not the "recommended" way. – Remy Jan 18 '11 at 10:07
Well, can you exactly point out what the problem is? – Sklivvz Jan 18 '11 at 10:09
Is this process spawned when the App is down in IIS? Or restarted (started again?) – Caspar Kleijne Jan 18 '11 at 10:23

For a similar situation in some of the applications, I use a separate service (windows service/web service) and use System.Threading.Timer (see and implement a scheduler of my own. Or otherwise, you can use any server based standard scheduler to invoke some executable that in turn hits your service.

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webservice + timer + scheduling. if say, my application on the server goes offline becuase of no activity on the application. Will the above combinations still be alive to hit the pending job? – Atif Jan 19 '11 at 5:20
A Win/web service won't go offline due to no-activity. – Kangkan Jan 19 '11 at 17:32

I would just create a standard command line executable and have it run with the Windows Scheduling Tool. A windows service is fine if it runs in very short intervals, but for example for once a day task, I think its the wrong approach.

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Have a look at the Windows Workflow Foundation

That framework is built for this kind of things, like state persistance etc. It also runs separate, so the process will not go down when your app(pool) goes down (by default due to IIS).

Integrates fully with and you'll probably end up (in a positive way) with a Delay Activity.

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