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I am experienced php developer and I have everything setup for design/development/testing etc and I can develop locally on my machine using wamp. My question is, what should I be looking into for setting up a professional local development environment for developing web applications?

I have windows 7 btw.

Appreciate any advice.

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My choices:

  • Some editor (Visual Studio 2010, express edition is free)
  • Datastore (Micosoft SQL Server or Compact Edition)
  • IIS
  • Some Version Control system (SVN, Mercurial, Git etc)

The above mentioned are fairly easy to setup and you should be ready to go.

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To follow up the answer from Mahesh, you can get the Microsoft products for free:

There is also a web platform installer that is especially designed to make it easy to download and install the components you select all from the same spot.

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Also Nu-Get is useful to have. As is the VSCommands add-on for Visual Studio. (www.vscommands.com nuget.codeplex.com) –  5arx Jan 26 '12 at 9:23
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