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Consider an Internationale website. Let's say this website got some articles. Articles got some common parts between every localized website.

Like for example: ArticleID, Data, Author, CategoryID

+a field (or more) that contains the localized text for this article.

How would you design this table? 2 tables: the first containing the shared article "meta data" (look up) and the other containing a record for every localized version? Like this:

   LocalizedID     text           language    ArticleID
      1            "text in EN"    "en"          1
      2            "text in FR"    "fr"          1

or a big table containign metadata + localized text? like this:

     ArticleID - Data - Author - CategoryID - LocalizedID - TextEN - TextFR - etc

(consider the database is not huge, less than 50.000 articles)

thanks everyone

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you could look at how it's done in wikipedia. Free download here: mediawiki.org –  Alexander Malakhov Jan 18 '11 at 10:57

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I think you should go for the first option.. if you ever want to expand (more languages or something) it is easier...

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I am not an expert on fulltext-search, but how would that be a problem? –  BvdVen Jan 18 '11 at 11:41

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