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hi I created jar file and I run it using command as follows:

>>java -jar niidle.jar arguments...

it is showing correct output. But I cant see the whole output. I want to see the whole output. so how to redirect this whole thing to text file,when I run following command:

java -jar niidle.jar arguments...

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jar -jar niidle.jar arguments > output
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I would suggest to do : jar -jar niidle.jar arguments 2>&1 > output to capture the stdout and stderr –  Tony Jan 18 '11 at 23:23

This should do !!

java -jar class.jar 2>> log.txt

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If you do not need to save the output for future reference, you can read the full output this way:

java -jar niidle.jar arguments | less

Obviously, we are supposing that there is no user interaction. Otherwise you can do something like the following example to save the output and review it later.

java -jar niidle.jar arguments | tee output
... some user interaction ...
less output
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