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I'm using Apache2.2.17 and am trying to redirect the URL like below with the same parameter value being preserved but having a different key name.

/aaa/bbb/ccc?oldkey=value  => /ddd?newkey=value

I'm trying some variations of RewriteRule like below but not successful.

RewriteRule /aaa/bbb/ccc?oldkey=(.*) /ddd?newkey=$1 [R,L]

Then I noticed that if I have the condition like below, only the last path value is preserved and parameter key/value are lost.

RewriteRule /aaa/bbb/(.*) /ddd?newkey=$1 [R,L]  ;This produces /ddd?newkey=ccc 

So my question is,

Is there a way to capture the parameter value by using Apache mod_rewrite and how can I achieve that? (I can use mod_proxy too)

Thank you in advance.

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You can check what's in %{QUERY_STRING}:

RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} oldkey=(.*)
RewriteRule .* /ddd?newkey=%1 [R,L]

Where %1 is the first capture group from RewriteCond (called RewriteCond backreference).

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If by "parameter value" you mean the querystring then you can append it to your rewrites by adding QSA to your command so you have [QSA,R,L]

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