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I am using JMS Queue, and MDB which listen to it. I have a retry mechanism, so when exception is being thrown a rollback to the transaction will occur and the operation will re-executed/

I would like to achieve the Message_retry_number, each time "onMessage" being executed, so I can write the current execution retry number. I heard I can retrieve it through the Header of the message object, but couldn't find anything in the properties or in the net.

anyone has any clue?

Thanks, ray.

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See javax.jms.Message.getIntProperty. Property name is "JMSXDeliveryCount".

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wow, yer goood:) thanks. – rayman Jan 18 '11 at 13:23

The only standard way to do this is be having a look at the JMSXDeliveryCount property. However you should be aware that the JMS specification states that JMS defined properties (those starting with JMSX) are optional - so it depends on your specific provider whether this property is supported, and set in every case.

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