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I have 6 tables as follows,

table-1, table-2, table-3, table-4, table-5, table-6

All the tables have the same primary key.

I want to create a view out of all these base tables.

The where condition of the select query should qualify the primary keys of the first five tables.

Requirement is this,

1.The view should fetch the data from the first five tables plus the data in the sixth table. 2.If there is no data in the 6th table, the view should still display the data in the 5 tables.

I can qualify the primary keys of all the tables, but if i did then the view wont display any data when there is no data in the 6th table and i dont want that.

what do i do now?

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FROM    table1 t1
JOIN    table2 t2
ON      t2.t1_id = t2.id
        table6 t6
ON      t6.t5_id = t5.id
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Select t1.*, -- put here columns you need
  From table1 t1
       Join table2 t2 On t1.pfield = t2.pkfield
       Join table3 t3 On t1.pfield = t3.pkfield
       Join table4 t4 On t1.pfield = t4.pkfield
       Join table5 t5 On t1.pfield = t5.pkfield
  Left Join table6 t6 On t1.pfield = t6.pkfield
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Are you referring to an outer join ?

Something like the following ?

    t1.id = t2.id and
    t2.id = T3.id and
    t5.id = t6.id (+)
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ANSI joins are available since 9i released about 10 years ago. –  Quassnoi Jan 18 '11 at 12:32

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