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Can anyone help me build a DSL for holding resources? I want to use it similar to Java's synchronized, so that if a resource (java: an object monitor) is already acquired it won't get acquired again! (For the following example resources are assumed to be of type Int)

object Holding {
  def main(args : Array[String]) : Unit = {

    HoldResource(1,2,3) {
      // holding resource 1,2,3
      HoldResource(3) {
        // still holding resource 1,2,3 (but not acquiring resource 3 again!!!)
      HoldResource(4,5) {
        // holding resource 1,2,3,4,5
    // all resources are freed

Until now my ROUGH approach looks like this (that means I know about the try { ... } finally { ... } resource-pattern.) :

object HoldResource {
  class Context(val resources: Seq[Int]) {
    def apply[A](f: => A): A = {
      try { f } finally {
        // free resources
  def apply[A](resources: Int*): Context = {
    // lock/acquire resources
    new Context(resources)

Thanks a lot!

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Do you really need a domain specific language for what you want, or just a single construct that does what you need? –  Rex Kerr Jan 18 '11 at 13:31
Ok, Probably my understanding of a dsl is somewhat different. A construct that does the job is sufficient. –  Peter Schmitz Jan 18 '11 at 13:35

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It looks like you're after Software Transactional Memory.

Try these articles to get you started:

There's also some useful material on resource management:

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