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Can I access Subversion and ssh://someAddress by a web browser?

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Using SVNProtocolHandler you can visit svn:// urls in Internet Explorer. It even supports the svn+ssh:// protocol, but it requires a configured ssh client.

Note: SVNProtocolHandler is created by the primary developer of TortoiseSVN, but is not part of TortoiseSVN.

[@Stefan: Thanks for the update]

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it does support svn+ssh://. –  Stefan Jan 23 '09 at 11:41

No, the "svn" part of that access scheme implies that the protocol to be used is SVN's own, then wrapped in SSH to make it secure. Since SVN is not a protocol natively supported by most web browsers, you need a SVN-to-web "gateway", that is, the SVN host must also run a web server, that in turn must access the SVN repositories and make them available over HTTP.

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