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Are there any mocking frameworks for Windows Phone 7 or do I need to create fakes manually?

I've not found any on google, and although I found Moq listed on WP7 resources page, I couldn't get it working.

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There are no Mocking frameworks that support WP7 and I suspect there will never be any until WP7 supports Reflection.Emit.

On the .net framework there are many options that exist for the creation of a mocking framework (Profiler API, CodeDem, Refleciton.Emit, et al). The majority of these techniques won't work on Silverlight itself as it's missing quite a lot of the BCL/CLR. All existing Silverlight mocking frameworks use Reflection.Emit. WP7 does not support Reflection.Emit and thus no Silverlight mocking framework will work on WP7.

Because of that reason, I personally test WP7 assemblies on the Silverlight runtime. It's far from optimal (it sucks), but it's the best that can be done under the circumstances.

One could theoretically build a Mocking framework that uses Post-Build MSIL weaving that should work on WP7, but it's yet to be done.

If you'd like WP7 to support Reflection.Emit consider voting on this uservoice issue: WP7 should support Reflection.Emit for Mocking frameworks

EDIT 2/12/2011: Refleciton.Emit is supported on Mango. Hooray! Reflection.Emit based Mocking frameworks should just work.

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About your EDIT 2/12/2011 - The System.Reflection.Emit namespace exists, but the concrete classes contained within it on WP7 Silverlight are heavily reduced, as far as i can see. Do you know if what is there is enough to get mocking going? –  Johann Gerell Dec 18 '11 at 23:34
I've just release an early version of a mocking framework for Windows Phone 7: moqalate.codeplex.com dontcodetired.com/blog/post/… –  Jason Roberts Feb 9 '12 at 13:25

I'm not aware of any currently available.

This article by David Gadd shows an example of testing on the phone using manually created fake objects and may be a useful resource.

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I just got TypeMock Isolator, and it works with Windows Phone 7 (sortof).

You need to create a default Visual Studio Test project, and you will get an error saying that your Windows Phone 7 project can not be referenced, but for some reason the Mocks and Tests work perfectly.

Anyway, I'm really happy with the mocks it is able to create.

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Any mocking framework that supports Silverlight 3 should work with Windows Phone 7. You may need to use a previous version of the framework to "dumb it down" to Silverlight 3, though.

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Just wanted to notice some information that I found on MSDN:


The mock classes were manually developed as it is not possible to use a mocking framework on the Windows Phone platform. Mocking frameworks require the ability to emit Microsoft intermediate language (MSIL) code, which is not currently possible on the Windows Phone platform

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