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can someone suggest me the best "store locator" tool (better if it is jQuery)? I need to organize more than 100 points on the map. thank you

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I think this is what you were looking for (I was too!-):

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You could try api:

You can list stores then by how far the user is in time, not distance... way more useful!

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we just launched one, and it has all of the functionality of a store locator (bulk upload of locations from spreadsheet, sorting via dropdown tags, zip//city search by geolocation, custom pinpoints and so on). It also allows custom images for maps. Here's the link:

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You could use this JQuery widget that can be used to place your store locations on a Google Map.

This PHP article may help as well:

Finally try out this article as well:

Google Maps: Store locator

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if you don't want to worry about setting up your own database for locations, creating proximity queries, worrying about creating interface for location management, etc. give this API a go, provides easy to use location management interface and an API for your proximity calls.

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Google's Store locator example for Google Maps API v3:

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There is a store and product locator system that's free for small search volumes and uses JQUERY at But, it does the data storage and hosting for you and it's not free if you use it with heavier traffic.

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I have created multiple sites including Wordpress, Joomla!, Squarespace, Drupal as well as static HTML websites using . It takes a few steps to install and you can use the embed code like YouTube and paste it at your website or page editor.

The frontend has Geo location, street view, directions and distance calculation to show from nearest to furthest available stores. From the admin backend, you can manage your stores via admin and it also has import bulk address using CSV feature.

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