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Because of downsizing and cost-saving our organisation is moving from CM/Telogic/Rational Synergy to free tools (most probably SVN). Is there anyway to transfer history and branch information from Synergy to a free tool?

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I don't know of a native way to dump/import a CM Synergy source base into another SCM, which means the usual "generic import" tactic applies:

  • select some important baselines/labels/branches and load them one by one on the hard drive.
  • for each baseline, use that image as source to copy the files over the working directory of the target SCM (SVN or Git, Git can handle that kind of scenario very easily).
  • commit, then repeat for the next baseline/label/branch

But that means you loose some history and some metadata along the way.

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There's something going on in regards to CM/Synergy to git conversion over on github:

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Is there some documentation on how to use those python scripts to convert a synergy database to a Git repository? – greydet Feb 15 '12 at 11:49

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