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Before I upgraded to Firefox 3 I used to constantly use the View Source Chart Firefox Addon which shows the source HTML in a very organized, graphical form. Unfortunately, this addon is only for Firefox 2 and the beta version for Firefox 3 now costs $10 on the author's site.

Anyone know of a similar addon that works for Firefox 3?

(of course, I might indeed pay $10 for this, but first want to ask around if there isn't anything better and free, as the version for Firefox 2 had its limitations and I don't really want to pay $10 for something in beta that I can't test out before paying for it.)

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Is Firebug not sufficient?

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I don't know your personal circumstances, but $10 really isn't all that much if the plugin is useful

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You can try to use Nightly Tester Tools It overrides addons compatibility check. Using this tool I managed to bring all of my fav extensions from FF2 to FF3

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View formatted source is kinda similar. It uses tree controls rather than pretty colour blocks, though.

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Try Chris Pederick's Web Developer Toolbar.

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You could always try Firefug. It sounds like it does a similar thing, plus more :)

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i had the same problem... you can use the free version (2.5.0503)'s compatible with firefox3 and it's work. on the web site it's write that it's not with full functionality but i don't know whitch functionality there aren't.

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