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I want to add a rule where i set "position:absolute" inside the style attribute to invalid. I can set tags and attributes to invalid using invalid_elements or valid_elements (see link)..

This has to be disallowed trough the source_editor ("code" button) and paste plugin


The problem is that people are "hacking" the css/xhtml ending up putting a absolute positoned div covering the entire page..

How could this be prevented? Is there any built in functionality in TinyMCE, or could it be achieved trough JS/jQuery and RegEx? (I use the jQuery version of TinyMCE)

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You can not specify invalid attributes, only elements.

Anything the user does on their side can not be trusted. You must sanitize the input on the server side.

You could do a simple regex like:

$data = preg_replace('/position\s*:\s*\w+;?/','',$data);
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