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Currently I am using a script to spawn a daemon:

screen -r user -X stuff "spawn daemon"
screen -r user -X eval "stuff \015"

Is there an easier way to send the enter key ("\015"), or in fact a better way of doing this? (I have to use screen.)

I assume that because I'm not attaching the screen, I won't be able to get the outcome/output of the "spawn daemon" command. Is that correct?

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I always do it like this:

screen -r user -X stuff "spawn daemon^M"

where I get the ^M by hitting ctrl-v, then Enter, on the command line. In bash and vim, ctrl-v can be used to escape characters like Enter that would otherwise have a special effect.

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As for the second question, you can enable logging, and read from the log file.

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Thanks. I'd forgotten about that. –  Dijkstra Jan 19 '11 at 15:34

Sending CR:

echo -e "Some text\015" > /dev/pts/1

Sending LF:

echo -e "Some text\012" > /dev/pts/1

Replace the number in device path with actual screen number.

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This solution es working in my case:

screen -r user -X stuff "spawn daemon$(printf \\r)"


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