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the question is how to find out class name from running programs & title of that programs, i know that already exist some scanning tools like windowse or spy++ from visual studio, but what i asking you is how to make programs like those in our own source code, what function to use, is there some open source program that can help? Code appreciate, link's also :)

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  1. Use EnumWindows to enumerate all top-level windows and get their handle.

  2. Pass the handle to GetWindowText and GetClassName to get the window title and window class respectively.


EnumWindows(EnumProc, 0);


  TCHAR title[256];
  TCHAR className[256];

  GetWindowText(hWnd, title, 256);
  MessageBox(NULL, title, NULL, MB_OK);

  GetClassName(hWnd, className, 256);
  MessageBox(NULL, className, NULL, MB_OK);

  return TRUE;
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thnx man this code really help alot –  raptor Jan 18 '11 at 17:50
@raptor: Just to let you know, I added a return TRUE to the above code that I had forgotten previously. –  casablanca Jan 18 '11 at 17:52

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