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I am trying to ping fleetdb from a clojure client. When I ping the server, I get back the response "pong", but when I try to save it to a variable using def, I get "UnsupportedOperationException applyTo".

(use 'fleetdb.client)

(def client (connect {:host "", :port 3400}))

(client ["ping"]) ; get back "pong" as response

(type  (client ["ping"]))   ;java.lang.String

(print (client ["ping"]))   ; get back "pong" as response

(def isalive (client ["ping"])) 

; UnsupportedOperationException applyTo  fleetdb.client.proxy$java.lang.Object$IFn

; $ILookup$Closeable$9aed515e.applyTo (:-1)

Tried with clojure 1.2 and 1.3.0-alpha4

What is wrong?

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Seems the client proxy does not define the applyTo method which is part of IFn interface:


This will work:

user> (def x (.invoke client ["ping"]))

Need to check out, why applyTo is used instead of invoke

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