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I have a Managed Bean which calls a Facade class to access an Entity Model class and in-turn the DB. The Entity model class has been generated using the NetBeans option New->Entity Classes from Database. This generates a bunch of Model methods for me. However, I need to Join through other tables in my queries (constructed in CriteriaBuilder). There is support for this - an Annotation of @JoinColumn Entity Association.

My questions are:

Should I add new Join Entity Associations to the NetBeans generated Entity Class of is the nature of these auto generated classes that someone will regenerate it?

Should I be adding any new query methods to the Entity Model Class or in fact adding them to the Facade class (it extends AbstractFacade and Supers the Entity Model Class)?

Is the Facade Class actually a 'JPA controller' Class for the Entity Model or a place to extend the Entity Model or both?

Am I correct in assuming the @JoinColumn Entity Association/CriteriaBuilder approach is the right one for JPA and embedding real SQL in Model Methods is possible but move a away from the best JPA route?

If Join entity associations become too painful/complex, is it ok to add to the auto generated @NamedQueries annotation in the Entity Model Class and bung my Joins in there? i.e.

@NamedQuery(name = "EMyTable.findByMyField",
query = "SELECT e FROM EMyTable e WHERE e.findByMyField = :findByMyField
LEFT OUTER JOIN AnotherTable ON ..etc..")


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