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I want embed a webcam stream (From geovision video server) into a website. Unfortunately only the rtsp stream gives direct access to the video data.

I tried a bunch of different variants. With this version I got no errors:

openRTSP -b 50000 -w 352 -h 288 -f 5 -v -c -u admin password rtsp:// | \
ffmpeg -r 5 -b 256000 -f mp4 -i -

Unfortunately I get no video. Sometimes I see a single frame of the webcam, but no livestream.

This is my ffserver.conf

Port 8090
MaxClients 200
MaxBandwidth 20000
CustomLog /var/log/flvserver/access.log


# Server Status
<Stream stat.html>
Format status

<Feed feed1.ffm>
File /tmp/feed1.ffm
FileMaxSize 200K
ACL allow

# SWF output - great for testing
<Stream test.swf>
 # the source feed
 Feed feed1.ffm
 # the output stream format - SWF = flash
 Format swf
 #VideoCodec flv
 # this must match the ffmpeg -r argument
 VideoFrameRate 5
 # another quality tweak
 VideoBitRate 256K
 # quality ranges - 1-31 (1 = best, 31 = worst)
 VideoQMin 1
 VideoQMax 3
 VideoSize 352x288
 # wecams don't have audio

What am I doing wrong? THe test.swf seems to load forever...

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Tried something like this with vlc and it worked for me...

vlc.exe -I http -vv camURL :sout=#transcode{vcodec=h264,vb=0,scale=0,acodec=mp4a,ab=128,channels=2,samplerate=44100}:http{mux=ffmpeg{mux=flv},dst=addr:availablePort}

camurl is the url of the camera....

addr is the address where you want the httpstream to be sent to...

availablePort is the port where you want the httpstream to be sent to

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When I run the command, it says: output debug: using sout chain=transcodesamplerate=44100:httpdst=' main stream output debug: stream=9000' main stream out debug: looking for sout stream module: 0 candidates main stream out debug: no sout stream module matched "9000" main stream out debug: TIMER module_need() : 0.155 ms - Total 0.155 ms / 1 intvls (Avg 0.155 ms) main stream out debug: destroying chain... (name=(null)) main stream out debug: destroying chain done main stream output error: stream chain failed for `transcodesamplerate=44100:httpdst=' – Morteza M. Dec 22 '11 at 19:58

You need to insert quotes in right way:

cvlc rtsp:// :sout='#transcode{vcodec=FLV1,vb=2048,fps=25,scale=1,acodec=none,deinterlace}:http{mime=video/x-flv,mux=ffmpeg{mux=flv},dst=}' :no-sout-standard-sap :ttl=5 :sout-keep :no-audio --rtsp-caching 10200 --video --no-sout-audio --udp-caching=30000 --http-caching=5000
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