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This is simple GNU Smalltalk question. Sorry, but just could not find how to do this.

I'm playing with gnu smalltalk, I know I can do

% gst <file-name>

but if I already in gst> prompt, how can I read a file into memory (file that contains code), something like TCL source command.

thanks and applogies again for the simple question.

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You can use:

st> fd := FileDescriptor open: './myfile.st'
<FileDescriptor on "/Users/math/myfile.st">
st> fd fileIn
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Use a package?

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Thanks Matt, that is an excellent link –  Stephan Eggermont Jan 19 '11 at 14:58

you can use class FileStream, whose superclass is FileDescriptor belonged to Streams-Files.

May the link below help you


here is a sample code:

at: #f put: (FileStream  open: '/root/test'  mode: FileStream read) !
f do: [ :c | Transcript nextPut: c ] !
25 timesRepeat: [ Transcript nextPut: (f next) ] ! 
f close !
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