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So I have a solr server running as part of a chef server. Some of my nodes just aren't coming up in searches. I can use ?q=*:* to show the documents but most of the chef data is indexed as dynamicFields, so I don't see it in the xml documents.

I'm hoping that if I can find a way to see either:

  • what's coming into solr as it's indexed or
  • the full set of indexed documents with their dynamic fields

Thanks in advance!

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Luke may help. You can point it at the Solr index and see what's in there.

Last time I checked, you could run it right from the web and just point it at the index.

Luke has moved to - newer versions are only available there.

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As rfeak said, you can use Luke to inspect your index. Solr comes with a built-in Luke handler.

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In my case it was because my dynamicFields were set store=false. Setting them to true got me what I was looking for which made the search issue a lot more clear.

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IMHO the answer by rfeak was the correct one. You should really tick his answer rather than your own. – nickdos Jan 28 '11 at 6:20
This answer wasn't mine but rather from hossman on #solr. Hossman wasn't interested in submitting it to SO, so I included it here incase anyone else had the same issue. I up-voted rfeak's answer, but ultimately it was not the solution to my problem. – Mat Schaffer Feb 17 '11 at 2:53

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