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var rawItemInfo={"stock":"In Stock","shipping":"<em>Free Shipping</em>","finalPrice":"56.99","itemInfo":"<div class=\"grpPricing\"><div class=\"wrapper\"><div class=\"current\" id=\"singleFinalPrice\"><span class=\"label\">Now:  </span><span>$</span>56<sup>.99</sup></div></div><div 

I want to extract two information from above string

1: Stock Status "In Stock" which will come always after "Stock":

2 Price $56.99 which is there
some before....<span>$</span>56<sup>.99</sup> some code after....

Please help me out to write regex for these two information.

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You can extract these value using this code

var regPattern = "stock\":\"(.*?)\",\".*?finalPrice\":\"(.*?)\"";
Regex regex = new Regex(regPattern);
var data = regex.Match(contact.Name);
data.Groups[1].Value ///"In stock. Limit 1 per customer."
data.Groups[2].Value ///"549.99"
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Its fine but only problem with your code is that it is not extracting $ sign too its extracting only 549.99. I need $549.99 –  SOF User Jan 19 '11 at 8:22
try this one stock\":\"(.*?)\",\".*?finalPrice\":\"(.*?)\".*?</span><span>(.?)</span> Groups[3].value // $ –  Cruiser KID Jan 19 '11 at 11:36
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