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I'm trying to install GODI on linux (Ubuntu). It's a library management tool for the ocaml language. I've actually installed this before --twice, but awhile ago-- with no issues --that I can remember-- but this time I just can't figure out what I'm missing.

$ ./bootstrap --prefix /home/nlucaroni/godi
$ ./bootstrap_stage2
.: 1: godi_confdir: not found
Error: Command fails with code 2: /bin/sh

I had added the proper directories to the path, and they show up with a quick echo $path, and godi_confdir reported as being:


(...and the directory exists, with the godi.conf file present). So, I can't figure out why ./bootstrap_stage2 isn't working.

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I'm not sure why this got closed. It's totally a programming question. I mean, if we can ask questions about IDEs, surely we can ask questions about installing libraries? –  jfm3 Sep 28 '08 at 2:46
I closed it, since i figured it out –  nlucaroni Sep 28 '08 at 3:42
I didn't notice you only close when it isn't programming... i just can't accept an answer. I'll open it back up –  nlucaroni Sep 28 '08 at 3:43

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What is the output of which godi_confdir?

P.S. I remember having this exact same problem, but I don't remember precisely how I fixed it.

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Hey Chris, I just figured it out. Silly mistake.

It was just a permission issue, running everything from /tmp/ worked fine --well after enabling GODI_BASEPKG_PCRE in godi.conf. I had been running it from my home directory, you forget simple things like that at 3:00am.


Actually I'm having another problem. Installing conf-opengl-6:

GODI can't seen to find the GL/gl.h file, though I can --you can see that it is Checking the suggestion.

> ===> Configuring for conf-opengl-6
> Checking the suggestion
>   Include=/usr/include/GL/gl.h Library=/<GLU+GL>
> Checking /usr:
>   Include=/usr/include/GL/gl.h Library=/usr/lib/<GLU+GL>
> Checking /usr:
>   Include=/usr/local/include/GL/gl.h Library=/usr/local/lib/<GLU+GL>
> Checking /usr/local:
>   Include=/usr/local/include/GL/gl.h Library=/usr/local/lib/<GLU+GL>
> Exception: Failure "Cannot find library".
> Error: Exec error: File /home/nlucaroni/godi/build/conf/conf-opengl/./../../mk/bsd.pkg.mk, line 1022: Command returned with non-zero exit code
> Error: Exec error: File /home/nlucaroni/godi/build/conf/conf-opengl/./../../mk/bsd.pkg.mk, line 1375: Command returned with non-zero exit code

### Error: Command fails with code 1: godi_console

edit - Ok, this is fixed too... just needed GLU, weird since the test configuration option said everything was fine.

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