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I wrote one oauth php server, Its a sample code, sample server. So i wrote a simple very basic oauth client also. I'm using SHA1-HMAC encryption for signing requests. Everything works in this sample codes.

I rewrote data store using my own database layer. Also i'm writing unit tests for my classes all the time. So i wrote that data store's methods. Based on tests, everything is working. And i encapsulated my methods to a class. I'm calling my methods after verifying the request. But I'm skipping oauth's request verification just for request_token and get_access_token method. And this methods are 1-1 copy of my sample oauth server.

Right now i'm getting invalid signature all the time when i'm requesting request tokens if i use some encryption method. It's just works with Plaintext (without encryption. it sucks)

I got trough whole code like 5 times and everything is correct for oauth methods inputs.

After a while later i figured out i'm making that calls from my unit tests. So in one test case i'm requesting tokens (request and access) more than once. So maybe this is the problem. Nonces for that requests are different. So they have to work but maybe there are some security checks i don't want.

Any ideas?

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Without code, there's not much to help you with, other than "add more debugging code" – Marc B Jan 19 '11 at 1:53
but i have so much code for my api stuff. I mean, i have 4 very big classes that i can't paste here – Mehmet Fatih Yıldız Jan 19 '11 at 2:01

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