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Is there an equivalent event to LBN_SELCHANGE but for a listview?

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Use LVN_ODSTATECHANGED for the event.

The event parameter is a pointer to a struct of type NMLVODSTATECHANGED. Use the uNewState and uOldState bit-fields to determine which of these are selection changes (because there are other changes as well). You're looking for the LVIS_SELECTED flag.

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 case WM_NOTIFY:
  if(VAL_notify->hdr.code == LVN_ITEMCHANGED && VAL_notify->hdr.idFrom == IDC_SOMECONTROL  && (VAL_notify->uNewState & LVIS_SELECTED))
      // Use VAL_notify->iItem as the new selected item
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It won't work in case of deselection... –  Tutankhamen Feb 6 '14 at 21:39

But don't trust ListView_GetSelectionMark() in this event handler - get selected item with

ListView_GetNextItem(list_hwnd, -1, LVNI_SELECTED);

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