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Problem: Merchant1 works below. MerchantX doesn't - see the widths of the columns span more than 1 day!

Raw data is displayed below each chart. alt text

Here is chart data:

alt text

I'm using Scalar to give me 0 date values.

alt text

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Maybe check this link.. and play with the PointWidth (relative size) or PixelPointWidth of the column width.... SSRS and Microsoft Charting

PointWidths greater than 1.0 will give you an overlap... set to 0 and put the PixelPointWidth to something like 8 and see how that looks..

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This does work. Cheers. I've found that brining in 0 data in the SQL and using the Category Axis type to be more solid and doesn't produce this strangeness. stackoverflow.com/questions/4720381/sql-how-to-get-0-values –  Dave Mateer Jan 19 '11 at 23:14

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