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Lets say I have this

  <li>V1 One</li>
  <li>V1 Two</li>
  <li>V1 Three</li>
  <li>V1 Four</li>

I want to make an ordered list using .js instead of using LI tags. I was thinking the js. code could replace first V1 and call it 1. , replace second V1 and call it two and so on, in other words counting how many V1s there are and replacing them with ordered list.

Or maybe something like this

  <li>i++ V1 One</li>
  <li>i++ V1 Two</li>
  <li>i++ V1 Three</li>
  <li>i++ V1 Four</li>

Where i++ will be increased every time starting from 1

Yes, I know LI provide ordered list!

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what is your input? – amosrivera Jan 19 '11 at 5:26
To put it another way, where is the data that you want to manipulate coming from? – Steve Jan 19 '11 at 5:34

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You can have an empty div, and use javascript to enter the innerHTML inside the div

function listdown(){
  var startlist = "<ol>";
  var endlist = "</ol>";
  *use a for loop to enter the <LI>, this way, you can do much more with each item*
  document.getElementById("emptydiv").innerHTML = startlist + LI list + endlist;


Nonetheless, JQuery is still the best option

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I would advise you to learn(use) a javascript framework to accomplish this. It will speed up your javascript development rapidly. Jquery is very popular at the moment and I think you should also use that. Stackoverflow allready has a topic using Jquery describing what you want => Generating an unordered list with jQuery

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Also, the jQuery Template plugin is wonderful at keeping HTML out of your JavaScript. – Ates Goral Jan 19 '11 at 5:38

Perhaps you want to loop through the children of <ol> and manipulate their innerHTML?

// Get the <ol> object from the DOM
var chillun = document.getElementById("yourOL").childNodes;

// Loop through the children of the <ol>
for(i=0;i<chillun.length;i++) {
  // Test that the node is indeed an <li>
  if(chillun[i].nodeName=='LI') {
    // Change this line to manipulate the text however you need
    chillun[i].innerHTML = i;
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