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For the first time, I got in this kind of unusual situtation

I have to select a div on which more than 2 classes are applied, that to in random order

For Example:

Assume that I have a <div> on which following 3 classes are applied content-text, right-align and bold-font. I need to select this div, but problem is that classes are applied in different order on different pages

<div class="content-text right-align bold-font">...</div>
<div class="right-align content-text bold-font">...</div>
<div class="content-text bold-font right-align ">...</div>

How can I select this particular div, no matter how classes are applied?


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This will work fine. CSS selectors in general don't care about the order of classes, just the ones that are applied. This also goes for jQuery:

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in action: – generalhenry Jan 19 '11 at 5:48
thanks for making me understand – I-M-JM Jan 19 '11 at 5:57
@generalhenry: thanks for fiddle :) – I-M-JM Jan 19 '11 at 5:57
The accepted answer doesn't work for me until I add spaces before classes 2-n: $('div.content-text .right-align .bold-font'); – SweatCoder Aug 15 at 23:22
@SweatCoder You're targeting an element with the class bold-font that is nested under an element with the class right-align that is nested under a div element with the class content-text. This is a different arrangement of classes/elements than is being asked about in this question. – coreyward Aug 16 at 17:56

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