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I've succeeded to merge 2 chm files into one but

  1. Application context sensitive help is not working now. Before, links were like "HELP/Outline1.htm". If I keep like that, it founds the subject in contents, locates it there but no help is displayed but page not found. Then, if I click on the subject, help text appears. If I change the link to HELP.chm::/HELP/Outline1.htm, help text appears but it cannot locate the subject on the left.

I wonder what is needed to open a help page in a merged help file and locate its subject in contents?

  1. Is it possible to dive a chm file into two but context hierarchy should be same. What I mean is, I don't want to create another book. I need to open help context from another help file in a link

    • A
      -- A.a
      -- A.b
    • B

Currently I can only divide such a CHM into two but it becomes like below

  • A
    -- A.a
  • B
  • A.b

Is it possible to divide chm and keep the content list as same

Regards, Burak

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I haven't really dove into merged chms yet, but I can share some urls from my notes. They are fairly common ones, so you might already have them. The second one is explicitely about context ids in merged help



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