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I am trying to register with BlackBerry push notifications, but it shows a time out exception.

Here is the code i wrote

 HttpConnection httpConn = (HttpConnection);interface=wifi,Connector.READ, false); 

 * Attempts to register this device with the BlackBerry Push server. This 
 * method also alerts the user whether the registration was successful 
 * or not.
 * @return True if the registration was successful, false otherwise.

public boolean registerForService()
    if( !isRadioConnected() )
        return false;

        // Open a connection with the BB Push server and request registration
        byte[] encryptedData = connectAndRead(REGISTER_URL);

        // Open a new connection and register using the encrypted url.
        final String encryptedParam = new String(encryptedData);
        String encryptedUrl = BBP_SERVER + "/mss/PD_subReg?osversion="
        + getDeviceSoftwareVersion()+ "&model="
        + DeviceInfo.getDeviceName() + "&" + encryptedParam 
        + ";ConnectionType=mds-public;deviceside=false";

        byte[] statusCodeData = connectAndRead(encryptedUrl);
        resultCode=  new String(statusCodeData);
        // Status code sent back to the application from the BB Push server
       String statusCode = new String(statusCodeData);

        // Note: Developers should also register with the Content Provider 
        // in order to notify the server that it can push data to this 
        // device.

        // If registration succeeded then start listening to messages 
        // from the server.
        if( (statusCode.equals(StatusCode.REGISTER_SUCCESSFUL) || statusCode
            _dataListener = new ListeningThread();

            showDialogAndWait("Registration Succeeded."+resultCode+responseCode);
            return true;
            showDialogAndWait("Registration Failed\nStatus Code: " + statusCode+resultCode+responseCode);
            return false;
    catch(final Exception e )
        showDialogAndWait("Registration Error\n" + e.toString()+resultCode+responseCode);
        return false;
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Is your device otherwise connected to the network? Can you browse to a web page, for example? The push service requires network connectivity.

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Simple things to do in Blackberry push notification, I got success by doing the following things

  1. Use Blackberry device, which have BIS plan
  2. Your content provider should be accessible publicly
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Why the downvote? – Austin Henley Oct 5 '12 at 20:57

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