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Hey guys Our application runs on Jboss/Apache Tomcat and the app is build on Java. I was wondering if theres a free app out there that let us monitor our log files which are in text format whenever a Jboss exceptions shows up in the log???

At the moment we are using a tail (called BareTail) application that highlights the errors for us and someone has to keep an eye on it.

Any help appreciated thanks.

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Check this free opensource monitoring tool Hyperic. Among many things it does, log monitoring is one thing.

You can install agents on the servers and configure them and this Log server will collect the information and the logs can be viewed using a webbrowser.

Other tools are Splunk, Tivoli Log Monitoring

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Hyperic appears to not be free (possibly anymore?) –  jcoon Oct 26 '12 at 15:15

Since you're using JBoss you also want to take a look at monitoring with JBoss Operations Network (JON) or RHQ the community equivalent to JON.

Some other log monitoring tools/solutions are Chainsaw, Graylog2, Scribe, Lilith, Syslog-ng and Clarity.

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