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I am able to create a virtual directory with 'mkiisdir', but it creates under default website only.

With using IISServer attribute it works fine in my test environment but not in Production env.

Scenario 1 (Test env)

  1. IIS with 2 websites, 1 hosted on 80 & other on 88.
  2. Use attribute IIServer='localhost' & port ='88', it creates the virtual directory under the right website

Scenario 2 (Production env)

  1. IIS with 2 websites, 1 hosted on 80 & other as well on 80 but with a different hostheader.

What value should i use for IISServer & port so that virtual directory gets created under the website with the host header.

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I know this post is very old but we recently encountered the same problem. If you are using IIS 7 (or above) then there is a work-around. You can use AppCmd.exe that comes with IIS 7 to perform lots of different actions, in your case create Applications under different web sites.

You could create a sample Nant task (macro):

  <macrodef name="Install.App">
      <attribute name="websiteName" default="Default Web Site" />
      <attribute name="vdir" />
      <attribute name="physicalPath" />
      <attribute name="appPool" default="DefaultAppPool" />

      <exec program="c:\windows\System32\InetSrv\appcmd.exe" workingdir="${project::get-base-directory()}" verbose="true" failonerror="false" >
        <arg value="ADD"/>
        <arg value="APP" />
        <arg value="&quot;/site.name:${websiteName}&quot;"/>
        <arg value="/path:${vdir}" />
        <arg value="/physicalPath:${physicalPath}" />
        <arg value="/apppool.name:${appPool}" />


Then you can simply call it with something like this:

<Install.App websiteName="SomeOtherWebsite" vdir="/MyApp" physicalPath="C:\apps\myapp" appPool="MyAppPool" />

This would create an application named "MyApp" inside the "SomeOtherWebsite" web site on that server.

This creates an application but you could also create a plain virtual directory by simply changing <arg value="APP" /> to <arg value="VDIR" />. For more information and options you can read more here.

I hope that helps some other people who are also stuck in the same position!

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Specify iisserver parameter and identify your site be hostname:port combination

<mkiisdir iisserver="host:port" dirpath="c:\siteroot\test" vdirname="Test" />
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this works when you have website at different ports –  Miral Jan 19 '11 at 14:04

You can specify website as a parameter to mkiisdir

<mkiisdir iisserver="host" website="${project.service.iiswebsite}" " dirpath="c:\siteroot\test" vdirname="Test"/>

Should work fine

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