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I use Doxygen for documenting the JavaScript API of my C++ (Qt) project. The idea is to write one specific documentation for the JavaScript interfaces, and one for the C++ classes us usual. One example (datasource.dox) looks like this:

\addtogroup JavaScriptAPI
\class DataSource
\brief DataSource is the .... some doc goes here ....

\section formats Supported formats

\fn isOpen()
\brief returns true if the data source is currently open...

The generated help looks nice w.r.t. the class description (or 'object'-description), but the function documentation (isOpen(), ...) is missing. Doxygen creates warning messages like: Warning: documented function `bool isOpen' was not declared or defined.

The question, now: can I somehow force doxygen to use my \fn-d function descriptions? It would be nice, if doxygen created all those member indices for me...

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Two approaches for using doxygen with Javascript are listed here (look for JavaScript)

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