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In some area I have this big space between some sentence:

Alt text

Alt text

Is there a way to correct this with CSS?

HTML for a second example:

<span style="color: rgb(197, 0, 0); text-align: justify; font-size: 14px;">
    <span id="MainContent_rptTest_lblTitle_2">Support to Efficient, Effictive and Transparent</span><br>
        <div style="color: rgb(197, 0, 0); text-align: justify; font-size: 12px;">
                <span id="MainContent_rptTest_lblDescription_2">September 2009 &ndash; January 2010</span></strong></div>
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Take out the text-align: justify. That's what it does to get the right margin of the text to line up. You can't have both.

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I'm guessing that the culprit is the css-style: text-align:justify which makes sure that each line of text is the same length

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Mess with the word-spacing property.

No guarantees ;)

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