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I have an xml string that I wish to traverse using LINQ to XML (I have never used this, so wish to learn). However when I try to use

XDocument xDoc = XDocument.Load(adminUsersXML);
        var users = from result in xDoc.Descendants("Result")
                    select new
                        test = result.Element("USER_ID").Value

I get an error message saying illegal characters in path. reading up on it, it's because I cannot pass a standard string in this way. Is there a way to use XML LINQ qith a standard string?


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My guess is that adminUsersXML is the XML itself rather than a path to a file containing XML. If that's the case, just use:

XDocument doc = XDocument.Parse(adminUsersXML);
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As said in MSDN, you must use the Parse function to create a XDocument from a string.

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I think adminUserXML is not a file but a string containing xml, which should be parsed to convert to XDocument with XDocument.Parse(adminUserXML)

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