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Using GMock, how can I verify that a class's destructor is called? Is there a way, other than to wrap it in another class?

The obvious method, EXPECT_CALL(object, ~classtype()) yields a compiler error (gmock cannot produce a mock method called gmock_~classtype).

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An easy way to check for a destructor call:

class MockFoo : public Foo {
  // Add the following two lines to the mock class.
  MOCK_METHOD0(Die, void());
  virtual ~MockFoo() { Die(); }

In your test function:

 MockFoo* foo = new MockFoo;
    EXPECT_CALL(*foo, Die());

More Details can be found here: Mocking Destructor

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Unless you're passing --gmock_catch_leaked_mocks=0, then gmock should already be detecting when you fail to destroy a mock. The destructor is where unsatisfied expectations are flagged as errors, so gmock has special support for detecting when it is not called.

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