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Assuming you have basic to intermediate knowledge of a particular language, how can you become an expert in that language in a short amount of time?

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Refer to this 21 Days by Peter Norvig

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Pull all your information sources together - such as:

The official language documentation, Best practice books, Google around for tutorial sites,

Get used to searching and finding what you need quickly

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The obvious reply would be: Practice makes perfect. Try to work with the language on daily basis and push yourself out of your comfort zone in using it. Joining a user group is also a good option. But at the end of the day, I must agree with Rozuur and concede that becoming an expert in something usually requires experience and experience requires time.

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@novak so true. –  Rozuur Jan 19 '11 at 17:37

I think,

  1. Passion: to explore and learn, and then
  2. Dedication: to learn different aspects of that programming language, finally,
  3. Patience: to design a project and apply all that one has learned into it.

Note:The programming languages these days have grown too big to implement above strategy.

However, I would still believe that passion is the key to all learning!

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