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Hello stack overflow love you guys...

please load up firefox (or any other decent browser) and visit http://combynearvester.net16.net

this is how my bands website is supposed to look.

now load it up in IE (I was using IE8). For some reason, one out of a hundred times I see a blank white page.

Strangly, even though the page isn't visible, you can get the hand cursor by waving over the invisible links. I was also able to get it to go blank by restoring/maximizing IE sometimes, and sometimes dragging another window over the site I noticed that IE didn't redraw properly, and then the screen would go blank when I maximized it to get it to redraw. Sometimes it works for dozens of refresh / resizes but if you then open it in a new tab it appears blank.

Is this some kind of bug with IE, I don't think it's a memory problem for me or anything? Obviously I don't want newcomers using IE to be greeted with a blank white page that won't start working when they refresh :P thanks in advance all

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I am seeing this too. It looks like it happens when a resource like a JS file doesn't come in and blocks the redraw. –  crizCraig Nov 5 '11 at 8:23

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