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I use symfony sfDoctrineGuardPlugin to manage authentication for both frontend users and backend users. It's fine, except that I don't want frontend users to be able to login to the backend app. I can setup credentials, but credentials are checked after a user gets authenticated. What I want is to have sigin in form to never validate for a user, that is not in a backend group. How can I do this?

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I think I found a better solution. sfDoctrineGuard plugin has its own post validator that checks for an optional callable for user retrival.

    retrieve_by_username_callable: sfGuardUser::getForBackend


  public static function getForBackend($username)
    $query = Doctrine::getTable('sfGuardUser')->createQuery('u')
      ->leftJoin('u.Groups g')
      ->leftJoin('g.Permissions p')
      ->where('u.username = ? OR u.email_address = ?', array($username, $username))
      ->addWhere('u.is_active = ?', true)
      ->addWhere(' = ?', 'backend');

    return $query->fetchOne();
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hi @Dziamid, i'm trying to do the same, but, where should i put this function?? – Kstro21 Apr 4 '11 at 15:18

Here's one idea: You could try creating a custom post-validator for the login form. Here's a Google result:

In this validator, you could check whether the user belongs to the group in question and then throw an error accordingly. The user would not get authenticated.

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I think you just have to add:

    class: sfSessionStorage
      session_name: sf_backend

at the end of your backend/config/factories.yml By default, symfony shares session cookies, with this solution, symfony separate this cookies.

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