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I have a model class Person, and I create instances of them using:

person = Person.create!

Now I want to say that this person was born in California, USA, but in this peculiar way:

person = Person.create!({:name => "Matt", :born => "USCA"})

This means there are two characters to identify the country and another two characters to identify the state. But I don't want to store the string in the database, I want to store in a structured way, like:

| Name | Country | State |
| Matt | USA | California |

Where can I parse the string to assign the country and state based on it? Which method in the model?

Thanks in advance

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Something like:

before_save :parse_country_code

def parse_country_code
  if born_changed?
    self.state = ...
    self.country = ...
  true # avoid cancelling the callback chain

You may also find ActiveRecord::Aggregations::ClassMethods useful. With that you could consolidate your parsing and other logic to another class.

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You could use a before_save callback — something like this:

attr_accessible :born

before_save :parse_location

def parse_location
    # parsing here…
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Check out the ActiveRecord Callbacks module

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