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I am looking for an open-source (preferably .net 2.0) project in c#. It doesn't matter if it is some kind of a shop or cms or anything else. What matters is the size of the project that must be at least of medium size (not a simple app that was done in 2 weeks by one developer) and it would be a great advantage if the project contained unit tests and some kind of case study.

I want to use this project as a learning source. I know there are many books and web resources about but i would like to see how bigger projects are implemented. I am especially interested in implementation of user rights to certain parts of application, separation between html and application logic and i would like to see if developers use .net web controls or write their own custom controls.

Thanks in advance.

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Same question here: Good (C#) apps?

BlogEngine.Net was mendtioned twice:

It implements a ton of different abilities and common needs in as well as allowing it to be fully customizable and very easy to understand. It can work with XML or SQL (your choice) and has a huge community behind it.

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I was actually about to recommend that as well. I just downloaded it yesterday and was very impressed with the design. +1 – Spencer Ruport Jan 23 '09 at 17:36

ScrewTurn Wiki is a nice open source project.

ScrewTurn Wiki is a fast, powerful and simple ASP.NET wiki engine, installs in minutes and it's available in different packages.

We use it for documentation in our team. There's a lot of different things to learn from the code: theming, compression, how to write an RSS feed, configuration, multi-language support ...

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There are lots of open source projects at or you can also check out any number of the example sites at the ASP.NET homepage at

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