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Please enumerate reasons for why its not advisable to use Thrift interface for Cassandra? What are the possible advantages and disadvantages?

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If you use the raw Thrift apis the cons will be:

  • no connection pooling
  • no monitoring
  • no object oriented interface (not entirely true)
  • no failover support
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To continue Schildmeijer's good start:

  • No batch interface.
  • No chunking of get_range_slices() or get_indexed_slices() so you can easily swamp Cassandra
  • Non-string types must be packed into binary strings yourself
  • You'll probably mess up timestamp precision
  • Exception messages are generally useless
  • Thrift is broken by default in some languages. See the PHP C extension, for example.
  • Because the code is generated, it's not intuitive, especially regarding super columns, SlicePredicates and batch_mutate().
  • Schema modification commands don't wait for schema agreement among all the nodes in the cluster
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