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How are these grammars related to each other? e.g. SLR is a subset of LALR1. Is there any set methods for working out the relationships between the others?

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There are three types of Context Free Grammers(CFG'S).

1)Floyd-Evans Parsable 2)Unambiguous CFGs 3)Operator Precedence

All the ones u have mentioned above are Unambiguous CFG'S.

LL(0) < LL(1) < LL(k). LR(0) < SLR(1) < LALR(1) < LR(1) < LR(k). Also, LL(k) < LR(k)

Every LR(0) grammer id SLR(1) and every SLR(1) is LALR(1) which in turn is LR(1).

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Nice answer. Is LL(1) < LALR(1)? If yes, then is LL(1) < SLR(1) too? – Shashwat Feb 3 '13 at 9:41
Answer to comment above:… – PALEN Apr 1 '14 at 2:55

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