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I just stumbled upon a thing in the PHP manual that is new to me...

Casting a variable to null will remove the variable and unset its value. (Source)

Now I wonder how this can be done... I tried (null) and (NULL) but it seems to be interpreted as the value null, not the type null. I know this question must sound ridiculous, but does somebody know how to cast to null? :)

Thanks you advance,


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use (unset) instead of (null).

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Great, thanks... I'm not yet this far in the manual (learning for a certification) :D – Paul Jan 19 '11 at 14:15
$a = (unset) $a;

See type casting.

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According to the Type casting section of the Type Juggling manual page, you can achieve this via...

$varName = (unset)$varName;
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This piece of code is meant, isset will return false.

$test = "a";
$test = null;
var_dump( isset( $test ));

Casting variables in PHP is done by assigning it specific value ( eg $foo = intval( $bar ) etc. ). If you put NULL into variable it will be interpreted as NULL ( type NULL ), isset return false if variable is type NULL

Edit: if you want to completly unset variable use

unset( $test );
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actually I was talking about explicit casting like the other guys already said... thanks anyways! – Paul Jan 19 '11 at 14:22

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