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When a user uploads a document to a SharePoint library, I need to present them with a few dropdowns and text fields where they can provide some extra info. The dropdowns are going to be populated from a database.

The way I have currently gone about this is create a Web Part which displays a user control. The user control contains the dropdowns. I can add the Web Part to a SharePoint page and it works as expected (pulls data from DB and displays in UC).

However I need this page to display after they have uploaded a document to a library. Would this be achieved using a Workflow?

Thanks for your help.

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You mean that you'd like the extra info to live as a page, and not a web part? Give event receivers a look:

MSDN Blogs: Event Handlers - Part 1
MSDN Blogs: Event Handlers - Part 2
MSDN Blogs: Event Handlers - Part 3
Event Receivers Class

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Yes, I think that is what I mean! I've seen an article explaning how you can include user controls in sp pages without using Web Parts which is useful. I've had a look at event receivers before, so after I hook up an event receiver to the ItemAdded event for the necessary library, I assume I can redirect to my page containing the UC. Next question is, can I add pages to SharePoint? –  Jamie Carruthers Jan 19 '11 at 15:06
There's a wealth of information on the 'net for creating custom pages as well as custom application pages (~/_layouts/yourpage.aspx) in SharePoint. msdn and nothingbutsharepoint are good starting points. –  vinny Jan 19 '11 at 19:46
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