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I'm developing a monitoring system using node.js + Redis to read the HTTP response from a web page and decide if it's up or down. However, I'm doing this every minute and I need to store the results to show to the end user.

How and which database should I use to save the data and present it in almost real-time? Even if I have few urls beings monitored, given that I get a response once every minute, there will be tons of data to show.


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My vote also goes out to redis. node_redis is insanely fast :) – Alfred Jan 19 '11 at 23:17

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Probably the fastest solution will be Redis which also offers very useful commands for storing statistical data. I asked similar question on Redis google groups and it seemed to be a good use case for this DB.

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You are already using it. It supports disk backing and replication. Go for it.

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This is an old article but still fairly valid as far as a good example of using MongoDB for real time analytics:

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