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I have a html page in which I have two framesets each pointing to different html.

Now let's say, I have a textbox in first frameset (html) and a button in my second frameset (html).

Could anyone please let me know how to hide textbox when I click the button?

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not tested, but it should be like this (in the onclick-handler of your button):

parent.frames[1].document.getElementByid('mytextfield').style.display = 'hidden';
//           ^^^ here you could also access the frame by its name using ['mysecondframe']
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you can do all of the above only if the two frames are in the same domain. Due to browsers security policies, if the frames aren't on the same domain and even on the same protocol, they cannot interact with each other ( javascript is out of the question ).

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You can access the element via the getElementById function on the document object of the frame in question (note that we use the target frame's document, not our own). You can get the frame from the frameset by name — frame names become properties of the frameset's window object.

Example (live copy; button frame code):

var textbox = parent.targetFrame.document.getElementById('theTextBox');
textbox.value = "You clicked at " + new Date();

...where targetFrame is the name of the target frame. You can also use frames[n] where n is the index of the frame in the frameset, but I find names more robust.

The above example is tested and works on Firefox, Chrome, and Opera for Linux and IE6 — and so should work on a broad set of browsers.

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